Baking bread at 04:43 am

"So, I'm gonna tell you a story.

Well, it's not a story really, it's more of an experience I've had, baking bread while most of London was still sleeping.

I get off at London Bridge at 4:43 am and am greeted by William, a great french baker who thinks he doesn't speak good english but he's actually great.

And then the french music begins to play.

So, I follow William around and he uses the word "Tradition Française" a lot which reminds me of my grandmother who used to make bread but now buys it from a supermarket but that's another story.

So, we get the dough, weight it and shape it in small balls And there's a specific way to do it, and once you get the hang of it you feel like this..

Anyway, at around 5:37 we hear boom boom boom and in comes Julien, smiling and handsome and also french who makes art that tastes like pastry and he's proud of it too!

But before I get carried away, I hear "Nicola! We have to deliver tradition francaise before 6 am!" So then we put the baguettes in the oven, and sometimes I get it wrong but that's the only way to learn!

In the end, the baguettes turn out fine and William is happy and so is Julien, and then Elise walks in and gracefully prepares the croissants for the day.

It's getting light outside and people are joining other people to work So, I turn to the camera and say something philosophical, though what I'm really trying to express is gratitude It's a new day, and we've made something with our hands."


Filmed at MM Mercato Metropolitano

a YesRoots! (C) production