Take a bite into (cheap) philosophical beetroot and enjoy!

A sensational life is expensive, A meaningful life is not. - Philosophical beetroot

Add a few slices of deep thought to your salad to increase mindfulness, and think about all the twinkly days of rain and sun, the worms in the soil that turn a lot of things into tiny worm poo which is something like the equivalent of potato chips with a bit of vegan mayonaise for plants, the work of the farmer while he was whistling an old song his mother used to sing and planting seeds, the truckdriver that drove the vegetables to the store while the wind gently went through his hairs from the opened window, and all the different sounding farts everybody made that helped the plant to grow, then shave of the sparkly beard and take a bite of the juicy red inner layers of the philosophical beetroot.


(C) YesRoots!